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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Army Chief reviewed on Kashmir Situation

Army Chief reviewed on Kashmir Situation

New Delhi: Army Chief of India Dalbir Singh today reviewed on Kashmir situation. He visited several places in Jammu and kashmir. In Srinagar he observed situations. He condoled on death of civilians  who lost  their lives in stirs which were arosed due to encounter of Burhan Wani the ISIS terrorist. Separatists also extended their call for Bandh till25th of this month. Curfew is still contiuning in several main cities.  Till now the death toll reached to 44 in stirs in state.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Water poured on Olympic torch

Water poured on Olympic torch

Rio Degenario: one un expected  incident occurred in Olympic Torch rally in Rio of Brazil. On Sunday Olympic torch rally was conducted. One person stood beside road with one bucket of water. When ever rally reached near to him he poured water from bucket and ran away.

But torch is safe water was fell on a person who is carrying torch. Police found that accused person named Matus  Silva and arrested him. He said to police that he has torch but no study, no health, no security, no lively hood standards, so he has to pour water on torch to express his oppose

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Give Sperm.. Take IPhone

Give Sperm Take I Phone
Beijing : Sperm Banks in China are giving bumper offer to youth of China. They are requesting youth to give Sperm and take IPhones. Yout is requested to help their nation by donating sperm to its future. Because Sperms banks are facing many problems due to lack of available of Sperms from its youth. So they are offering attractive offers and attracting youth.

For donation of sperm they are offering Thousand dollars or Rose Gold I Phone. Some of blood banks hinting with patronage that many old men are there in country, in this time yout have to give sperm to protect country. They are advertising that sprem donation is greater than blood donation.

Orders issued to arrest Vijay Maliya

Orders issued to arrest Vijay Maliya

Mumbai: king fisher owner, liquor king Vijaya maliya is given arrest warrant by Mumbai court. Today court decided him as accused and  issued non bailable arrest warrant against him.  He is facing allegation of default of Rs.9 thousand crores to pay to the banks.

 He declared that he is unable to pay loans to banks and escaped from india. At present now he  is taking shelter in London the capital of England. Basing on the complaints enforcement directorate approached court and sought arrest warrant to take back him to india. Till now many arrest warrants are pending on maliya. ED officers said that they approach INTERPOL and seek red corner notice against Maliya.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kanhaiya Kumar is in police custody

Kanhaiya Kumar is in police custody
New Delhi: JNU student leader kanhaiya kumar is taken into custody by delhi police. Today kanhaiya and co students took stir at chanakyapuri near Bihar bhavan in support of student taking fasting agitation in protest against rides on students.

 Police came to the spot and arrested 42 students along with kanhaiya kumar. Delhi Police DCP said that they took them in to custody to maintain law and order.

Life sentence for five offenders in Danish woman gang rape case

New Delhi: TeesHazari court  pronounced life sentence to five offenders in danish woman gang rape case. In 2014 this gang rape case registered basing on the complaint of the victim Danish woman. Offenders took her into a park while she was in confusion to her way to her hotel which she took shelter, and gang raped her.

Thye stole her I Pad and 750 dollors. Totally nine offenders are in this case, three of them are minors.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kiran Bedi sworn in as Lieutenant Governor of Pudhuchery

Kiran Bedi sworn  in as Lieutenant Governor of Pudhuchery

Pudhuchery: BJP leader, Ex IPS officer Kiran Bedi sworn in as Lieutenant Governor of Pudhuchery. Today in a programme held at RajBhavan she took oath as governor in presence of Chief Justice of Madras High Court Sanjay Kishanen Kaul.

 Many leaders and officials presented this programme. We know that 66 years old Kiran bedi is first woman IPS officer in India. She  played important role in Anti-Corruption agitation which is started  by Anna Hazare. She contested in Delhi Assembly elections which were held recently. She contested as BJP CM Candidate, though she defeated in elections.

Grand Nephew of Bhagath Singh killed in road accident

Grand Nephew of Bhagath Singh killed in road accident

Simla: Freedom fighter Bhagath singh’s grand nephew Abhitej Singh died in road accident at Manglad near Rampur district in Himachalpradesh. 27 years old Abitej and his friend were going on bike. Due to wet of road bike skidded Abhitej an his friend were wounded.

 Immediately they rushed to Rampur Hospital. Doctors declared that Abhitej no more. He lost his last breath. They conducted postmortem handed over dead body to relatives. On Monday his funerals will be completed in presence of relatives and friends. Abhitej Singh sandhu father name is Abhay Sandhu. Abhitej is only son in his family.

BJP declares its 12 Rajyasabha candidates

BJP declares its 12 Rajyasabha candidates

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janatha Parth (BJP) today declared its Rajyasabha candidates. It released a list of twelve candidates who contest in forthcoming elections. In this list  Venkaiah Naidu, Om Prakash Mathur, HarshaVardhanSing, Ram Kumar Varma names are there from Rajasthan State.

 Nirmala Sitaraman name is declared from Karnataka State. Chaudhary Birendhra Singh name is from Haryana State. Gopal Narayan Singh from Bihar, Ram vichar Netam from Chhattisgarh, Anil Madhav Dave from Madhyapradesh, Purushotham Rupala from Gujarath, piyush Goyal from Maharashtra, Mukthar Abbas Naquivi from Jarkhand selected for rajyasabha elections. 

If Jagan has dare prove allegations: Nara Lokesh

If Jagan has dare prove allegations Nara Lokesh

Tirupathi: Nara Lokesh praised his father and Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh Nara Chandhrababu Naidu that Chandhrababu is working hard for development of A.P State. He criticized that YS Jagan has no right to blame his father. Today he spoke in Mahanadu which is being held at Tirupati. He narrated that his father is trying to develop state with inter linkage of rivers.

But opposition leader YS Jagan has criteria to stop development programmes which were being taken up by Chandhrababunaidu. YS Jagan has involved in many illegal works and corruption on laks of crores money  in his father YSR reign. But Lokesh said that he never do so, whether he got posts or not. He said that he could not work as bringing stain to his father. He fired on jagan that Jagan is making false allegations on him. Lokesh throw challenge that if Jagan has dare prove those allegation which were made against him by Jagan. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Keep Modhi Degree in Website: CM Kazrival

Keep Modhi Degree in Website CM Kazrival

New Delhi:  Cold war is being going between Prime Minster Narendra Modhi and Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kazrival. Kazrival demanded to keep Modhi’s Degree in Website. For this he wrote letter to Vice Chancellor of Delhi University.

He said that people of this country has to know the degree of Prime Minister of this country. We know that few day before Kazrival saught details regarding Modhi’s educational qualifications. He submit petition to Commissioner of Information. Commissioner of Information gave him modhi’s  educational qualification details saying tha modhi has passed MA in Political Science from Gujarath University in 1983. 

Case filed against MP Sakshi Maharaj

Case filed against MP Sakshi Maharaj

Moinpuri: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj who makes controversial comments facing some more allegations. Today Utharapradesh  Police filed case against him for using abused language towards police.

 ML C Ram Naresh Agnihothri is also among him in this case. He used abused language to police in participating in one rally in Utharapradesh. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pakisthan foreign secretary reaches to India on 26th April

Pakisthan foreign secretary reaches to India on 26th April

New Delhi: Pakisthan foreign secretary Izaj Ahmed Chaudhary reaches to India on April 26th. He is coming to here to participate in Hearth of the Asia conference.

After this meeting he will be participate in discussion with India’s foreign secretary S.JayaShanker. We know that Indo-Pak foreign secretary level discussions were cancelled after patankoth attack.

Cancel the RajyaSabha membership of Vijay Mallya

New Delhi: Ethics committee of Parliament met today and recommended to cancel the Rajya Sabha membership of Vijay Mallya the liquor king and the propriter of King Fisher aviation organization.

Committed issued notice and asked explanation. Ethics committee accepted to remove Vijay Mallya from his RajyaSabha membership.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Attack on DMK leader A. Raja with eggs, shoes

Attack on DMK leader A Raja with eggs, shoes

Tamilnadu: DML leader, ex Union Minister A.Raja attacked by his own party activists at Kotagiri in Tamilnadu with Eggs and shoes by opposing the selection of MB Mubaraq who is selected for Kunuru Assembly Constituency.

Raja selected Mubaraq even activists opposed his candidature for constituency. So they are angry with this selection and attacked today. Police controlled activists.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Britan invited India’s decision on Kohinoor diamond

Britan invited India’s decision on Kohinoor diamond

London: Britain invited India’s decision on Kohinoor diamond.  We know that india said in India’s Supreme Court  that Kohinoor diamond is not stolen by britan and not took it to britan by forcebly. House of Commons (Britan upper House in parliament) Member Keeth vaz said that Britan is inviting India’s decision on Kohinoor by saying it is gifted to Britan crown for its army assistance in reign of sikh ruler ranjit singh.

Oommen Chandy injured in selfie incident

Oomen Chandy injured in selfy incident

Trivendram: Chief Minister of Kerala Oomen Chandy injured in a programme while he was in selfy photo programme with youth. Today he attended for a programme at Perinthalmanna in Shippa Auditorium. While he was leaving that place some youth came nearby him and requsted to take selfy photo. Then heavy crowd come forward mean while one glass door broke down. Some of broken glass door injured oomen chandy leg. Immediately his security forces rushed him to nearby hospital.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Uttarakhand fires on Central Government

Uttarakhnd: High Court of Uttrkhand fired on Union Government regarding president rule in Uttarakhand. Today Bench inquest petition filed regarding this. Court commented that Government is not agent for Union Government. And questioned that how union Government could impost president rule basing on single incident. Court hinted that it is not proper to impose while having chance to prove strength in assembly. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kohinoor Diamond is not thefted: Solicitr General

  • New Delhi: Today argument took place in Supreme Court. Solicitor General of India argued that Kohinoor Diamond is not stolen by East India Company in their reign. And explained that it is given as gift to East India Company. Then Supreme Court ordered to file report within six weeks regarding this. Union Government report is entirely different from the argument of RSS. Union Government today stated that no one could not claim that the world famous diamond is ours. Supreme Court also warned that no one else could not say and claim that Kohinoor Diamond is ours. 

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