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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Best Tips For Getting Pregnant With Twins Naturally

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Best Tips For Getting Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chiranjeevi, Nagababu to Join in JANASENA Party ?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan might be joined by both his elder brothers, in politics. Nagababu, who had earlier supported Chiranjeevi against Power Star Pawan Kalyan's jumping in to politics. Nagababu, Chiranjeevi  Joine Janasena Party. Chiranjeevi , Nagababu, Pawan Kalyan Janasena Party . 

Chiranjeevi, Nagababu to Join in JANASENA Party

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes Banned from Tonight

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes Banned from Tonight

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the country tonight, announced that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes will not be used from midnight onwards. The Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes must be deposited at post offices and banks by the end of December, the PM said, adding the move was essential to fight "the disease of black money.

1 Why Banned Rs. 500, 1000 Rupees Notes Cancelled
1.1 What Happen Rs. 500, 1000 Rupees Notes Cancelled by RBI PM Modi
2 Alert!! ATMs Closed on 9th 10th November 2016 &2 days holiday for ATM By RBI

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Why Banned Rs. 500, 1000 Rupees Notes Cancelled: Central Government has shocked the Indian citizens with its most amazing initiative to reduce corruption. It might be hard to digest the news for the candidates who have been involved with scams, corruption in India since ages. Narendar Modi in order to reduce black money and dig out the un authorized amount , has cancelled the circulation of 500 and 1000 Rupees notes by stopping the printing of these notes from today night. So all the people of India who have saved amount of 500 and 1000 Rupees notes i their home, bank can exchange them with banks, Post Offices etc. from 10th November 2016 to 31st December 2016. All the old notes will be valid only upto 11th November 2016.


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Revanth Reddy ‘letter' war against On KCR

Telangana TDP Working President A Revanth Reddy has taken up a novel fight against chief minister KCR . He launched ‘letter war’ against KCR by exposing the TG government’s failures and its anti – people polyces from time to time. Since the High court already struck down 123 GO and instructed government stop forceful implementation of the order,

 he said the modified 190 order would address all the issues raised by petitioners on the rehabilitation of displaced particularly landless labourers and poor.The TDP leader questioned why the government took U turn on its commitment that the displaced farmers would be given freedom to get rehabilitation through central act or 123 GO. Practically, farmers were forced to get compensation under 123 order only.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

KTR meets with Smrithi Irani

New Delhi: We know that Minister Kalvakuntla Tarakaramarao is in Delhi tour. Today he met withUnion Minister Smrithi Irani. He requested  her to cooperate and to do to financial for Hand loom sector in Telangana state. Along with him TRS Lokh Sabha Members  and Rajya Sabha Members were also met with Smrithi Irani.

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Army Chief reviewed on Kashmir Situation

Army Chief reviewed on Kashmir Situation

New Delhi: Army Chief of India Dalbir Singh today reviewed on Kashmir situation. He visited several places in Jammu and kashmir. In Srinagar he observed situations. He condoled on death of civilians  who lost  their lives in stirs which were arosed due to encounter of Burhan Wani the ISIS terrorist. Separatists also extended their call for Bandh till25th of this month. Curfew is still contiuning in several main cities.  Till now the death toll reached to 44 in stirs in state.

Tags : Army Chief Dalbir Singh  , Army Chief , Kashmir situation , Jammu kashmir , kashmir , Srinagar , condoled on death of civilians , Burhan Wani , ISIS terrorist , Separatists , Bandh till25th of this month

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hundred judges decided to go on mock leave

Hundred judges decided to go on mock leave
Hyderabad: In joint High Court Telangana advocates agitation became peak stage. Telangaan advocates and judicial officers are demanding to seperate High Court to telangana and Andhrapradesh. They took stir through out the state. By this High Court became angry and took action against telangana judicial officers.

Today Chief Justice of High Court suspended nine more judges of telangana. We know that yester day also two judges are suspended by High Court. By High Court action Telangana advocates and judicial officers became angry. Hundred above judicial officers from telangana state decided to go on long live by demanding lift suspension on suspended judicial officers.

Tags : Hundred judges decided , mock leave , joint High Court Telangana , High Court Telangana , Telangana advocates , judicial officers , seperate High Court , telangana and Andhrapradesh

T advocates Challo High Court on 29th July

Hyderabad: Telangana Advocate Joint Action Committee (T advocate JAC) became angry on division of Andhrapradesh Judicial officers to Telangana State. They made their serious agitation opposing this action of Chief Justice of High Court.

 T Advocate JAC gave call to Challo High court tomorrow (29th june) and requested to all advocates of telangana state to attend this stir tomorrow morning.

Tags : Telangana Advocate , Telangana Advocate Joint Action Committee , T advocate JAC , Andhrapradesh Judicial officers , Telangana State , Chief Justice of High Court.
 , High Court

Water poured on Olympic torch

Water poured on Olympic torch

Rio Degenario: one un expected  incident occurred in Olympic Torch rally in Rio of Brazil. On Sunday Olympic torch rally was conducted. One person stood beside road with one bucket of water. When ever rally reached near to him he poured water from bucket and ran away.

But torch is safe water was fell on a person who is carrying torch. Police found that accused person named Matus  Silva and arrested him. He said to police that he has torch but no study, no health, no security, no lively hood standards, so he has to pour water on torch to express his oppose

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Give Sperm.. Take IPhone

Give Sperm Take I Phone
Beijing : Sperm Banks in China are giving bumper offer to youth of China. They are requesting youth to give Sperm and take IPhones. Yout is requested to help their nation by donating sperm to its future. Because Sperms banks are facing many problems due to lack of available of Sperms from its youth. So they are offering attractive offers and attracting youth.

For donation of sperm they are offering Thousand dollars or Rose Gold I Phone. Some of blood banks hinting with patronage that many old men are there in country, in this time yout have to give sperm to protect country. They are advertising that sprem donation is greater than blood donation.

CM KCR has special faith on Warangal : Kadiyam Srihari

CM KCR has special faith on Warangal Kadiyam Srihari

Warangal: Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari said that Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekarrao has special faith upon Warangal city and he has with ambition to develop warangal city.

He narrated that at the time of telangana agitation and to form government in telangana warangal people are behind KCR and supported him. That’s why KCR has been focus on Warangal Development. Today kadiyam is visiting in warangal along with Minister Harish rao and participated in several progremmes.

Orders issued to arrest Vijay Maliya

Orders issued to arrest Vijay Maliya

Mumbai: king fisher owner, liquor king Vijaya maliya is given arrest warrant by Mumbai court. Today court decided him as accused and  issued non bailable arrest warrant against him.  He is facing allegation of default of Rs.9 thousand crores to pay to the banks.

 He declared that he is unable to pay loans to banks and escaped from india. At present now he  is taking shelter in London the capital of England. Basing on the complaints enforcement directorate approached court and sought arrest warrant to take back him to india. Till now many arrest warrants are pending on maliya. ED officers said that they approach INTERPOL and seek red corner notice against Maliya.

CM KCR Iftar on 26th

CM KCR Iftar on 26th

Hyderabad: Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar rao review on Ramzan festival which is observed by muslims. He directed officials to arrange things for festival. He declared that Government will conduct this festival officially. He directed officers to make arrangements to give IFTHAR dinner to muslims on 26th of this month in Nizam college.

 On that day make arrangements to ifthar and ramaz for muslims. He ordered to send invitations to all people representatives, important persons from different fields, religious priests, ambassodors, consulates to attend Ifthar dinner. He said that official ifthar should be conducted on the same day i.e 26th June.

Husband cheated by wife on hunger strike

Hyderabad: Husband who  cheated by  his wife is now on hunger strike till death. Details.. Ramesh Chandhra (51) who cheated by his wife Shailaja (40) is took hunger strike before her wife’s parents residence. Both of them married before 20 years and lead their married life without interruption.

 Wife shailaja took his hole property and registered on her name and  neglected him thrown  him on the road. By this he became mentally distrubed. He is demanding to give his share in property.

Free cloths to poor Muslims

Free cloths to poor Muslims

CM KCR said that government should distrubete free cloths to poor muslims. Free cloths should be distributed to two lakhs  poor muslims. This programme should be conduct 17th to 22nd of this month. In hyderabad hundred places, in districts 97 assembly constituencies muslims should be distributed free clothes.

In mothersas and orphonages also programme should be going on. On the occasion of Ramzan Festival government will provide all facilities muslims to celebrate and to do ramaz in mosques.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kanhaiya Kumar is in police custody

Kanhaiya Kumar is in police custody
New Delhi: JNU student leader kanhaiya kumar is taken into custody by delhi police. Today kanhaiya and co students took stir at chanakyapuri near Bihar bhavan in support of student taking fasting agitation in protest against rides on students.

 Police came to the spot and arrested 42 students along with kanhaiya kumar. Delhi Police DCP said that they took them in to custody to maintain law and order.

Life sentence for five offenders in Danish woman gang rape case

New Delhi: TeesHazari court  pronounced life sentence to five offenders in danish woman gang rape case. In 2014 this gang rape case registered basing on the complaint of the victim Danish woman. Offenders took her into a park while she was in confusion to her way to her hotel which she took shelter, and gang raped her.

Thye stole her I Pad and 750 dollors. Totally nine offenders are in this case, three of them are minors.

CM KCR face to face with yerravalli villagers

Medak: Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar rao  conducted face to face programme with yerravalli villagers. He distributed tractors to 42 youth. On this occasion he spoke that it will be celebration while we will complete double bed room and enter into them. He said that reliance is ready to give internet connection to each and every house in yerravalli.

He asked people of yerravalli to maintain peace in village don’t quarrel with one another in village.

Indian woman kidnapped in Kabul

Indian woman kidnapped in Kabul

Kabul: Indian N.G.O employee Judith Disauja who is working in Afghanisthan capital Kabul is kidnapped. She was abducted from Thaimani of Kabul. She is performing her duties in Aghakhan Foundation.

Security forces started search operation for her. Indian embassy is pursuing matter with Afghan senior officers minute to mimute. Afghan officers said that as soon as possible they trace disuaja.

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