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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chiranjeevi, Nagababu to Join in JANASENA Party ?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan might be joined by both his elder brothers, in politics. Nagababu, who had earlier supported Chiranjeevi against Power Star Pawan Kalyan's jumping in to politics. Nagababu, Chiranjeevi  Joine Janasena Party. Chiranjeevi , Nagababu, Pawan Kalyan Janasena Party . 

Chiranjeevi, Nagababu to Join in JANASENA Party

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Revanth Reddy ‘letter' war against On KCR

Telangana TDP Working President A Revanth Reddy has taken up a novel fight against chief minister KCR . He launched ‘letter war’ against KCR by exposing the TG government’s failures and its anti – people polyces from time to time. Since the High court already struck down 123 GO and instructed government stop forceful implementation of the order,

 he said the modified 190 order would address all the issues raised by petitioners on the rehabilitation of displaced particularly landless labourers and poor.The TDP leader questioned why the government took U turn on its commitment that the displaced farmers would be given freedom to get rehabilitation through central act or 123 GO. Practically, farmers were forced to get compensation under 123 order only.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

KTR meets with Smrithi Irani

New Delhi: We know that Minister Kalvakuntla Tarakaramarao is in Delhi tour. Today he met withUnion Minister Smrithi Irani. He requested  her to cooperate and to do to financial for Hand loom sector in Telangana state. Along with him TRS Lokh Sabha Members  and Rajya Sabha Members were also met with Smrithi Irani.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hundred judges decided to go on mock leave

Hundred judges decided to go on mock leave
Hyderabad: In joint High Court Telangana advocates agitation became peak stage. Telangaan advocates and judicial officers are demanding to seperate High Court to telangana and Andhrapradesh. They took stir through out the state. By this High Court became angry and took action against telangana judicial officers.

Today Chief Justice of High Court suspended nine more judges of telangana. We know that yester day also two judges are suspended by High Court. By High Court action Telangana advocates and judicial officers became angry. Hundred above judicial officers from telangana state decided to go on long live by demanding lift suspension on suspended judicial officers.

Tags : Hundred judges decided , mock leave , joint High Court Telangana , High Court Telangana , Telangana advocates , judicial officers , seperate High Court , telangana and Andhrapradesh

T advocates Challo High Court on 29th July

Hyderabad: Telangana Advocate Joint Action Committee (T advocate JAC) became angry on division of Andhrapradesh Judicial officers to Telangana State. They made their serious agitation opposing this action of Chief Justice of High Court.

 T Advocate JAC gave call to Challo High court tomorrow (29th june) and requested to all advocates of telangana state to attend this stir tomorrow morning.

Tags : Telangana Advocate , Telangana Advocate Joint Action Committee , T advocate JAC , Andhrapradesh Judicial officers , Telangana State , Chief Justice of High Court.
 , High Court

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CM KCR has special faith on Warangal : Kadiyam Srihari

CM KCR has special faith on Warangal Kadiyam Srihari

Warangal: Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari said that Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekarrao has special faith upon Warangal city and he has with ambition to develop warangal city.

He narrated that at the time of telangana agitation and to form government in telangana warangal people are behind KCR and supported him. That’s why KCR has been focus on Warangal Development. Today kadiyam is visiting in warangal along with Minister Harish rao and participated in several progremmes.

CM KCR Iftar on 26th

CM KCR Iftar on 26th

Hyderabad: Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar rao review on Ramzan festival which is observed by muslims. He directed officials to arrange things for festival. He declared that Government will conduct this festival officially. He directed officers to make arrangements to give IFTHAR dinner to muslims on 26th of this month in Nizam college.

 On that day make arrangements to ifthar and ramaz for muslims. He ordered to send invitations to all people representatives, important persons from different fields, religious priests, ambassodors, consulates to attend Ifthar dinner. He said that official ifthar should be conducted on the same day i.e 26th June.

Husband cheated by wife on hunger strike

Hyderabad: Husband who  cheated by  his wife is now on hunger strike till death. Details.. Ramesh Chandhra (51) who cheated by his wife Shailaja (40) is took hunger strike before her wife’s parents residence. Both of them married before 20 years and lead their married life without interruption.

 Wife shailaja took his hole property and registered on her name and  neglected him thrown  him on the road. By this he became mentally distrubed. He is demanding to give his share in property.

Free cloths to poor Muslims

Free cloths to poor Muslims

CM KCR said that government should distrubete free cloths to poor muslims. Free cloths should be distributed to two lakhs  poor muslims. This programme should be conduct 17th to 22nd of this month. In hyderabad hundred places, in districts 97 assembly constituencies muslims should be distributed free clothes.

In mothersas and orphonages also programme should be going on. On the occasion of Ramzan Festival government will provide all facilities muslims to celebrate and to do ramaz in mosques.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

CM KCR face to face with yerravalli villagers

Medak: Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar rao  conducted face to face programme with yerravalli villagers. He distributed tractors to 42 youth. On this occasion he spoke that it will be celebration while we will complete double bed room and enter into them. He said that reliance is ready to give internet connection to each and every house in yerravalli.

He asked people of yerravalli to maintain peace in village don’t quarrel with one another in village.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

CM KCR has his own vision : Governor Narasimhan

Governor Narasimhan

Hyderabad:  Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar rao is praised by Governor that CM KCR has his own vision. He explained that since two years his uninterrupted reign has been going on in state. There is prevailing security in state, no law and problem is there. He praised Mission Bhagiratha Scheme that it is a great scheme which is getting good complements from national leaders and Prime Minister. He spoke in a programma which is held on the occasion of second formation day of Telangana. 

Grandly Telangana formation celebrations

Grandly Telangana formation celebrations

Hyderabad: People of Telangana celebrated their  second state formation day celebrations grandly. Today a programme held at Parade Ground CM Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekarrao hoisted National Flag and celebrated.  Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma, Ministers, MLAs, MLCs and other VIPs participated in this programme. CM KCR received honor salutation from Police battalion.

Minister KTR meets with California governor

Minister KTR meets with California governor

California: We know that Minister Kalvakuntal Tarakarama rao is in USA visit. In his visit today he met with California Governor Edmond jerry brown. KTR made agreement in non conventional energy  in presence of Governor. KTR attended for programme on Clean Energy Ministerial conference.

 13 provinces got invitation for this conference attended their delegates. From India Only KTR is selected to attend this conference from telangana state. KTR described Industrial policies like TS I pass to California governor.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Andhra coverts attended for Mahanadu: MLC Karne Prabhakar

Andhra coverts attended for Mahanadu

Hyderabad: TRS MLC Karne Prabhakar fired on Telangana TDP leaders. He criticised that Andhra coverts attended for Mahanadu which was held in Tirupathi of Andhrapradesh. He said that They kept self respect of telangana people before feet of Andhra leaders. Today he spoke in Greater Hyderabad TRS workers meeting which is held at TelanganaBhavan in hyderabad.

He questioned T TDP leaders that whether they work for development of Telangana State or desire the development of Andhrpradesh. He alleged that Chandhrababu naidu is reason for migration of people from Mahaboobnagar. 

KCR is best CM in country : Talasani Srinivas

KCR is best CM in country Talasani Srinivas

Hyderabad: Minister Talasani Srinivas said that People of Telangana State is supporting their TRS. TRS is appearing everywhere in telangana.  he spoke in Greater Hyderabad TRS workers meeting which is held at TelanganaBhavan in hyderabad. Telangana is stood developed state in the country with effort of CM Kalvakuntla ChandhraShekar rao.

State is going forward in Welfare schemes and development programmes. Now in this summer season Hyderbad is not getting drinking water problem due to perspective plan of CM KCR. He remembered that TRS won 99 seats in Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation Elections. 

Heartly welcome to MP Kavitha in Australia

Heartly welcome to MP Kavitha in Australia

Australia: TRS MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha got heartly welcome in abroad. She was welcome by Telangana NRIs in Australia. In Melborn Telangana NRIs invited her. She is official tour to Australia.

Reached to Melborn. Telangana Jagrithi members and TRS Australia wing invited her with Jai Telangana Slogans.

Two Rajyasabha Seats are ours: Etela Rajender

Two Rajyasabha Seats are ours

Hyderabad: Minister Eetala Rajender said that both seats of Rajyasabha is TRS. He said confidently that TRS must wins two rajyasabha seats.

 He explained that to win one Rajyasabha there is need of 40 MLAs. support. Now no opposition party has such number of seats. So  he requested oppositions to co operate elect TRS candidated unanimously.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life Sentence to Snake Gang criminals

Life Sentence to Snake Gang criminals

Hyderabad: Snake Gang Members pronounced for life sentence by Ranga Reddy court of Telangana State. Eight members from this gang were proved as croiminals in rape case  by prosecution. One released as saying innocent by court. This gang create sensation by committing rapes on womens. As per prosecution this gang raped nearly 37 women.   On July 31, 2014 this gang was arrested on allegation of a rape on a woman in a farm house while she was with her husband. This gang threatens with snake and rape on women. That’s why it is called as snake gang. 

Car Bomb Blast in Bagdhad.. 12 dead

Car Bomb Blast in Bagdhad

Baghdad : Car bomb blast incident occurred in Baghdad Capital of Iraq. Today in Sadhar city took this incident at heavy rush market. 12 people dead in this incident and thirty five more injured.  Victims sent to nearby hospital for treatment. No one terrorist group declared responsibility for this incident. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

CM KCR review on Mandals to hike their number

CM KCR review on Mandals to hike their number

Hyderabad: CM Kalvakuntla Chandhrashekar review on mandals with highlevel officers. Sources says that in this meeting he discussed on mandals to hike their numbers.

 May be announce on the occasion of formation day of Telangana State. These new mandala may work from August 15th independence day or from Dassera.

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