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Friday, October 28, 2016

Kaashmora Movie Review And Rating

Kaashmora Movie Review

Review: Kashmora Movei

Rating Points : 2.5/5

Cast Of Movie: Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya, Vivek, Sarath Lohithaswa, Madhu and Others

Music Commpose: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Dialogues: Sashank Vennelakanti

Producers: Param Potluri-Pearl Potluri-Kavin Anne-Prakash Babu-Prabhu

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Gokul

Release Date: 28th October 2016

'Kashmora' became the talk of the Industry after the release of First Look Posters. Promos have only increased the expectations on the project multifold. Along with Tamilians, Telugu Audience have eagerly waited for this high-budget venture to hit the screens. Has this Karthi-starrer matched the expectations?


Kashmora (Karthi), a fake baba who pretends as if he is a terror for Ghosts for livelihood, dupes people. In the same manner, He cheats a Minister too and fled away with his money. Just when everything seems to going as per his plan, A Man approaches Kashmora to get rid of the ghosts in his palace which has a history of 700 Years. After entering the palace, Kashmora realizes that the place is haunted by evil spirits but he was helpless. Raj Nayak, a ghost which is in the palace for several centuries, is after Kashmora. What's the past of Raj Nayak? Was Kashmora able to  survive? Know more in theatres near you!


Karthi excelled as Kashmora and Raj Nayak. Especially, He is exceptional as Raj Nayak and effort put in by him could be seen on the screen. His mannerisms, expressions, body language and dialogue delivery were too good. He generates rib-tickling comedy in the role of Kashmora. Karthi showed variations between both the roles to such an extent that one gets the doubts if the roles were done by two different actors.

Although she have a less screen time, Nayantara left a mark of her own on the movie. Sri Divya is alright. Vivek tickles the funny bone. Rest of the cast have done justice to their roles.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Janatha Garage Movie Short Review

Watch Janatha Garage Movie Review/Public Talk/Rating. The Most Awaited Telugu Film of Junior NTR #JanathaGarage Creating Lot of Buzz in the Film Industry. Film Starring NTR, Mohanlal, Samantha, Kajal, Nithya Menen. Directed by Siva Koratala and Produced by Naveen Yerneni Y Ravi Shankar and CV Mohan. Music Composed by Devi Sri Prasad . Stay Tuned For More Updates About Janatha Garage

Janatha Garage Movie Short Review


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review : Jr NTR’s Janatha Garage is the Much Awaited Telugu film of Year 2016 is all set release on 1st September and before that, Janatha Garage Premiere shows will be screened on 31st August.  Jr ntr joined hands with director Koratala Siva, where the film is currently in Shooting process. Janatha Garage is produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, and C. V. Mohan under their banner Mythri Movie Makers.

 This Movie US Premier Show review and ratings here. Here we provide you Janatha Garage USA Premiere Public Talk, starts at 8 Pm on 18th Aug. Janatha Garage film twitter Audience response from theaters, fans reactions and hungama, First day first show Live updates.Ntr Fans Mass Entertainer got much expectations from the audience after knowing And Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal playing a Crucial role in the film. Nithya Menon and Samantha are the female lead roles iN THis Film.

Movie Rating | Janatha Garage Rating :

Detailing Done By Koratala Siva and created Janatha Garage Set very authentic, deserves a special mention. He is very particular about each and every aspect, including the placement of used tired to oil marks in the surroundings. The whole setup appears very realistic and this helps the Cast get into the right mood quickly. High-Speed Cameras were used to capture the best moments during the filming.Lalettan, which is Mohan Lal’s nickname, posted a selfie with Jr NTR and director Koratala Siva from Janatha Garage shooting spot. Tarak is all smiles while the Mohan Lal has a bemused expression on his face. Not only, this is a Awesome cool selfie but also it revealed the Young Rebel Tiger’ new look for Janatha Garage.

The screenplay keeping JR NTR and Mohanlal in mind. The story touches upon issues pertaining to nature. The hero, played by Junior NTR, is a nature activist, who is willing to go to any extent to promote the cause.It is not a regular commercial entertainer, since it also carries a social message. Nonetheless, the audience will get to see all the elements that Junior NTR’s fans love to see in his movies. Janatha Garage has managed to generate a lot of buzz around it through its trailer and teaser. The audio too has turned out to be a hit with three songs — “Jayaho Janatha,” “Nee Selavadigi” and “Pranamam” — becoming chartbusters.

Janatha Garage 1st Half :

1)Jr NTR and Mohanlal superb introduction scenes
2)Romance track between samantha and Jr ntr
3) Rocking Interval track
4) Junior NTR’s Classy Character

Janatha Garage 2nd half :

1)Fantastic Re-recording by DSP
2)NTR Elevation scenes with mass ingredients which mass audience will love for sure.
3) Mindblowing Pre-climax and climax episodes
4)Continuous Record Breaking dance episodes by Tarak along with high voltage action episodes
5)Emotional drama episodes and clashes between Mohan lal and Tarak

As of now, public talk of Janatha Garage is Superhit with all the essential ingredients which audience expect from jr.ntr film. Will be another memorable hat-trick for koratala Siva.

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NTR Janatha Garage Movie Pre REVIEW

Watch NTR's Janatha Garage Pre Review.  ft. Jr NTR, Samantha, Nithya Menen, Mohanlal and Kajal Aggarwal. DSP , Devi Sri Prasad composed Music. Directed by Siva Koratala. Produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar and CV Mohan.

NTR Janatha Garage Movie Pre REVIEW


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Friday, July 22, 2016

Kabali Movie review , Rajini Owns This Gangster Drama

Kabali Movie review

Superstar Rajinikanth’s highly anticipated flick, The Movie has opened to record breaking collections all over the globe. Expectations have reached the sky ever since the film’s first look teaser was released, showcasing Rajinikanth in his element. Kabali is all set for a grand release today in India. Let’s see if the film can live up to the massive expectations.

Story: The Kabali movie deals with the plight of migrant Indian community, specifically the Tamilians, who lived in Malaysia. About 30 years back in time, many of the Indian laborers working in Malaysia, used to work as drug traffickers and goons under Chinese mafia gangs. One man, Kabaleeswaran alias Kabali (Rajanikanth), takes a stand for the betterment of his community. Himself a gang member working under gangster Sitaramaraj (Naazar), Kabali takes over the gang leadership on Sitaramaraj’s untimely death. With the gang leadership, also come the rival gang confrontations especially with Gang43 lead by the ruthless drug lord Tony Woo (Winston Chao). In his position as a gang leader Kabali also aids his community. He founded the Free Life Foundation, a non-profit organization to help poor uneducated Indian laborers in Malaysia. However, the violence of heading a gang takes its toll on Kabali’s family life, weaving into the movie a family element with the pursuit of Kabali’s wife. The rest of the movie comprises of Kabali and Gang43 trying to overpower each other.
Analysis: Rajini fans and general People alike, will be wowed by the Amezing first 15 mints... However, as the narration switches to the core story, the movie suffers a slow pace in the screenplay. The highly popular teaser ‘Kabaaali … Da…’ has set the audience to expect a larger than life heroism spearheaded by a revolutionary Talaivar. However, the director sticks the script and takes his time to narrate the story – something that might not sit well with today’s fast tracked generation. Extra care was taken to portray the life of an immigrant Indian community in Malaysia in the 1980s. The mafia world and their operations are picturized well. The family thread between Kabali and his wife acts as a speed breaker (to an already slow paced narration) and might just not appeal to the audience.

 Amazing interval block with unexpected action scenes will thrill the audience. All in all, a satisfying first half. The masses might find it difficult to comprehend the struggles of an overseas blue collar worker. Adding to it, expect for the key roles, the supporting cast are Malaysians and Chinese. The story, the backdrop and the characters make it difficult for the common audience to connect with the movie. This might be a bigger problem with the Telugu dubbed version than with the original and might impact box office prospects. The second half starts off with Kabali leaving to India looking for his wife.

Cue in thirty minutes of boring scenes which do nothing to help the film. The narration accelerates with Kabali’s return to Malaysia as he takes on Gang43. The well-executed pre-climax and the climax action episodes in which Kabali kills Tony Woo will have your heart beats soaring. The cinematography by G.Murali is world class. He captured the elegance of the Malaysia skyscrapers and ruggedness of mafia locales very well. Santosh Narayanan’s background score is another asset to this movie. Radhika Apte is ill suited for the Kabali’s wife’s role, it failed to get the emotions flowing. Dhanshika who played Kabali’s daughter role is better.

Songs: The background theme “Nippu Raa…Neruppu Daa.. ” and the introduction song “Okkade Okkadokkade…“are awesome on screen. Other songs, mostly pathos, are not appealing. Anyways, this is not a movie that banks much on its songs.

Positives: SUPERSTAR RAJANIKANTH – After a series of mediocre films, Superstar Rajani strikes back with a stellar performance in Kabali. Leaving behind the over the top mannerisms, the Superstar brings in his magnanimous style in its full glory and his screen presence fills the screen with energy. Outstanding cinematography with slick visuals of Malaysia backdrop. Introduction, interval and climax scenes

Negatives: At times the very slow narration test the audience’s patience. Not many commercial elements Nativity issue for Telugu Audience

Verdict: Kabali is a movie that launched with extremely high expectations and fails to reach them. The movie will open to mixed talk on the first day. We will need to wait to how it fares on the second day and going forward. Tamil version may fare better than Telugu. Watch with no regret and enjoy watching the ultimate star of our era – The Superstar Rajinikanth’s one man show Kabali !

Rating : 3.5/5

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mahesh Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Srikanth Addala has a unique view about life and living that is delinked from the material values that fill our daily moments. Most of his films have the touch of rustic beauty, unalloyed emotions and subtexts beyond the grasp of vocabulary. “Brahmotsavam” is another film coming from those perspectives which are at once autobiographical and also commentary-like on the state of the world today. But contrary to expectations, the film falters in delivering the final message of living together and seeking out our own kith and kin from far and within.

It doesn’t just falter, it loses a great opportunity to rekindle the emotions in needless narrative of 156 minutes with larger-than-life motifs and scenes that do not pack a punch. The net result of “Brahmotsavam” despite grand intentions is that Mahesh Babu gets one of the weakest films that does no justice to his potential even though the image is preserved. While this is not exactly a film for his fans, the x factor that usually over-fills his films is missing even as he struggles for screen space with too many faces that sometimes freeload on the screen time making the film lag at many times.

Mahesh Babu is very confident of film’s success and said that the concept will strike a chord with all age groups. He said Brahmotsavam is a wholesome entertainer brimmed with family values and emotions that are missing in the modern day. The promotional blitzkrieg has escalated the buzz on the film and the massive release will set up huge first weekend figures in all areas of its release. The film is releasing today amidst huge expectations. Let’s see if it can match the expectations of the audience.

Story Outline & Treatment

The basic thread of the story is not something that requires an attempt of this magnitude: Satyaraj is the founder of a Paint business last valued at Rs.400 crores. His magnanimity and humility comes from the small help received from Rohini Hattangadi’s husband to set a small shop which grew into the conglomerate today. Satyaraj shares his wealth and affection with a larger family that includes Rohini’s four sons – Rao Ramesh, Shayaji Shinde, Naresh and Krishna Bhagwan. Rao Ramesh is the villain who harbors feelings of jealousy and ill-will towards the patriarch and wants to see his daughter Praneetha marry Mahesh, son of Satyaraj. The story has a twist in the interval block but later loses its way in fulfilling the desire of Mahesh to find his family roots right upto the seventh generation. A love story or two in between to introduce two leading heroines is what makes the screen hum a bit.

Direction & Technicalities:

Srikanth credits himself as the man who penned the story, screenplay, dialogues and directed the film. That seems to be taking too much load on his sense of narrative and visual story-telling. Even though the dialogues have been blessed with the touches of the late Ganesh Patro and Krishna Chaitanya, they are effective only forty per cent of the time. Except the heart-tugging dialogues between Satyaraj and the family and those between Samantha and Mahesh and the punchlines of Rao Ramesh, there is lot of inertness in the lines of many characters which do not create impact. Screenplay of Srikanth has been always a lazy man’s effort to go through the motions. In the first half, the songs interrupt the flow of screenplay in a jarring fashion. In the second half, the screenplay interrupts the flow of the remaining two songs, of which the title song itself struggles to complete itself in jumpstarting visuals. In terms of direction, Srikanth needs to uplift himself to a level that the audience can sit back and enjoy rather than become more and more listless and finally restless. He has to make scenes interesting and complete with an intensity, otherwise, he should not attempt scenes. For example, the scene between Praneetha and Mahesh, the scene of confrontation between Mahesh and Rao Ramesh, the color splashing scene between Mahesh and Kajol in the first half should have ended with some logical conclusion. Instead, the scenes come and jump off into the next one or a new song with confusing frequency. While he got the cast of a lifetime, Srikanth failed to extract the salient potential of most characters except Satyaraj, Mahesh, Rao Ramesh, Samantha, Kajol and Jayasudha. While the first half of the film looks more colorful, romantic and grandiose, the story hardly moves an inch. Instead of over-investing in the romantic track between Mahesh and Kajal, the director should have concentrated on the characterization of the elderly and create conflict that sets the tempo in the second half. The second half is interesting with the entry of Samantha and loosens a bit until it becomes monotonous after the first twenty minutes once Mahesh goes from city to city in search of his ancestors’s whereabouts. But the sense of completeness is missing here too which shows the gaping holes in Srikanth’s direction.

The best film-makers are experts in story-telling and masters of gestalt narration which means they have a sense of completing the blanks in a viewer’s mind. Who are the seven generations? Why is Mahesh seeking them now when his father knows three generations already and always maintained a dairy? And who is looking after the family business if he is backpacking pan-India? The biggest loophole is that Mahesh kneels before the three generations just like his father even if he feels an emotional connect with his father only? Then shouldn’t one of his father’s photos be added? Questions like this make you restless in the second half even as the director on his own trip in showing a documentary of places and new characters with uninteresting angles. Also, the scope for friction between the cousins should have been established more emphatically and linearly. Interval Block is good and gives scope for good performance for Mahesh which he emotes well.


Satyaraj steals the show with his dignified acting and graceful paras on life and living. He is the soul of the film and the film is watchable in every scene he shows up. After “Mirchi” and “Bahubali”, this is a milestone for his career in Telugu films. Mahesh shines in his dressing and subtle acting; his romancing skills have gone a notch up with this film as he is comfortable with both Samantha and Kajal like never before. But this is a film where his role is not highlighted well-enough. Also, there is a textual commonality with his role in “Srimanthudu” which becomes very predictable and boring for even die-hard fans. The side-smile, the minimal dancing, the pounding fistwork in stunts and the winky face he makes when he is uncomfortable facing camera – all these are moments that fans have seen before. Can he surprise people with more improvisation and variety? It is time for more. Samantha sizzles the screen better with his vivacity than the glamor sprinkled by Kajal Agarwal. Jayasudha and Revathi say their lines well but the screen should have got burnt between them with some scenes set up together. Tulasi actually gets the better lines between the three lady characters. Vennela Kishore is the only one who infuses some comedy but he needs to slow down his dialogue delivery for people to catch breath with his words. The talented child artist Avantika should have got atleast one line to say in the film. Krishna Bhagwan fails to fire us to laughter.

Cinematography by Ratnavelu is terrific and the set design by Thota Tharani stand out. The Brahmotsavam set looks truly authentic and gives you the divine feeling. Music by Mickey J Meyer is quite pleasing to the ears but the blame must fall on the director for imbalancing the rhythms by placing five songs in the first half and only two in the second half which screws up the whole pace of the film. Gopi Sundar seems to have used his extra-sensory perceptions about the film’s narrative by infusing new life into the BGM at many places in a way that the director couldn’t have matched up. On the whole, there are many films like “Pandanti Kaapuram” and “Samsaram Oka Chadarangam” which tested the theme of family bonds in two different directions of staying together vs. going nuclear. “Brahmotsavam” starts to rekindle that sentiment but failed to capitalize on the promise. It is barely watchable and might not pick up steam. A lesson for innovative producers like PVP not to get carried away with narratives that promise the moon and deliver half of it.

 Rating : 2.5/5
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Telugu Review

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Supreme Movie Review

Supreme Movie Review

Release date : May 5th, 2016
 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Anil Ravipudi
Producer : Sirish
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna
Sai Dharam Tej is slowly but steadily growing up the success ladder. His latest presentation is Supreme which has hit the screens today after a huge round of promotions. Let’s see how it is.
Story: Balu(Sai Dharam Tej) is an aggressive taxi driver who stumbles upon a young boy(Mikhail Gandhi) and takes care of him along with his father(Rajendra Prasad). Twist in the tale arises when the young boy is suddenly kidnapped and taken to Orrisa.

Left with no choice, Balu decides to go to Orrisa and bring the little kid back. But to his shock, he comes to know that a dreaded gang headed by Kabir Singh and Ravi Kishan is behind all this. Rest of the story is as to how Balu fights against all odds and saves the boy along with his girl friend(Raashi Khanna).

Plus Points: One of the biggest assets of the film is the fun part. Credit should completely go to Anil Ravipudi for inducing hilarious comedy at regular intervals. First half of the film is pretty entertaining and has all the elements which will go well with everyone.
Sai Dharam Tej is completely at ease now and shows superb improvement in his performance and dances. Interesting aspect is that the young actor allows others to take centre stage and still looks confident in what ever he does on screen.
After a long gap, a Tollywood heroine gets an interesting role. Raashi Khanna is superb as Bellam Sridevi and evokes good laughs. Her looks and funny antics with Vennela Kishore are good. The comedy track featuring Pruthvi and Prabhas Seenu works wonders for the film and generates hilarious comedy.

Ravi Kishan is also good as the comedy villain and his chemistry with Shaking Seshu has been executed well. Rajendra Prasad and Sai Kumar are okay in their supporting roles. Mikhal Gandhi, who does the role of the little boy is superb and all the emotions conveyed through him are wonderful.
Minus Points: Once again, story of the film is a huge let down. After the first fifteen minutes, you exactly know what is going to happen next. Second half of the film moves on a single thread and does not have many interesting moments.
One devotional song that comes during the second half could have been edited out to make the film racy. Logic goes for a toss in certain areas. The way Sai Dharam Tej goes about searching for the little boy in Orrisa and some of his heroic moments look silly at times.

Technical Aspects: Supreme has superb production values as the film is shot in beautiful locations. Camera work during the Andam Hindolam song is top notch. Screenplay is simple and does not deviate from the topic. Music by Sai Karthik is pretty impressive as all the songs have been composed and shot well.

Coming to the director Anil Ravipudi, this young director has caught the pulse of the audience big time. Even though he chooses a routine and predictable story line, the way he adds entertainment throughout the proceedings shows his talent and also ticks with the film well.

Verdict : With Supreme, Sai Dharam is surely going to go one step higher towards his stardom. Entertaining comedy through out the film and some well executed emotions are basic assets. If you ignore the predictable story line and go with the flow of the film, Supreme is a typical popcorn entertainer which will not disappoint you this weekend.
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Massy Style Sarainodu Movie Review

In our Telugu Film Industry mass movies are well received. Whenever a mass movie release. single screens are mostly housefull boarded. Boyapati Sreenu, who makes mass movies is coming with Stylish Star Allu Arjun in the name of “Sarainodu”, produced by Allu Aravind under his Geetha Arts banner. Let’s see how it works on us!


Ghana (Allu Arjun) is a guy who is a useless and waste fellow in the eyes of his caring and loving father. He settle cases in his violent way, which comes to Sripathi (Srikanth), a lawyer. He falls in love with MLA (Catherine Tresa) of his area, whom he met at a traffic signal. He follows her and makes her falls in love with him over the course of time. His family members agree to marry him with MLA. But MLA, puts a condition to Ghana over his quarrels. When he is about to promise that, Mahalaxmi (Rakul Preet Singh) appears and asks Ghana to help and rescue her from Ghana’s (Adhi Pinisetty) gang, whom Ghana hate for his deeds. Who is Dhanush?? Who is Mahalaxmi?? What is problem between Ghana, Dhanush and Mahalaxmi??

Cast and Performance

Allu Arjun is terrific in his role. He carried whole movie on his shoulders. He pulled of his mass role with super conviction. Adhi Pinisetty is ruthless in his terms of performance as a ruthless villain in the name of Dhanush. Boyapati made him a complementing villain for Allu Arjun. Catherine Tresa is average in her role. Rakul Preet Singh is a bit more on emotion in her role and performed accordingly.Rajeev Kanakala is fantastic in his role. Annapurna as Allu Arjun’s grandmother is nice. Jayaprakash, Srikanth, Brahmanandham, Prudhvi, Sai Kumar, Pradeep Rawat, Jayapraksh Reddy, Adarsh Balakrishna, Surekha Vani, Vidyu Raman and others are good to the extent of the role they are given.


Writing Department

Story of the movie is routine. Screenplay is mediocre and is gripping at places. Dialogues are okay.

Technical Departments
Songs composed by SS Thaman are well received by audience. They are catchy and created waves. His background score is superb and elevated to a mass level. Cinematography by Rishi Punjabi is nice and visuals are treat to watch. Editing is good, but should have chopped some scenes out. Work of editor can be experienced in intro scene of Allu Arjun itself. Stunts and action sequences composed by various masters are fantastic and will be well received by masses and are of Boyapati mark. Production values of Geetha Arts are super rich.


Allu Arjun as Ghana
Adhi Pinisetty as Dhanush
Oora Mass Action Blocks
Background score by Thaman SS


Routine Story
Mediocre Screenplay
Verdict : Movie begins in Boyapati’s mass formula followed by well conceived Allu Arjun’s introduction in which action movies are well choreographed backed up by rich visuals and nice edit pattern. This half goes in a formulaic screenplay with a comedy scene and a love scene with songs at regular intervals. Screenplay is a big let down till the court scene and from the court scene it gains momentum. Fight scene after court scene gives much required elevation to the movie but “It’s a private party” song which comes after this acts as a speed breaker despite it’s well composed moves. Interval block is purely a mass show of Allu Arjun in regular Boyapati’s location, a temple and his trademark heroic dialogues. This half is average with its mediocre screenplay. Second half starts with a flash back. There is no change in the screenplay which went awry in the first half of the first half itself and and gained momentum in the latter half of first half and go into its regular awry way in second half. This movie is a oora mass commercial entertainer from Boyapati Sreenu with Allu Arjun which has its pros and cons stuffed together. Below average second half and it’s last 30 mins, mediocre screenplay are spoilers of the movie. To sum up, it’s a Allu Arjun’s Oora Mass Show!!

Rating : 3.2/5

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Reviews

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Reviews

Story : Ratanpoor Kingdom has its great King Family taking good care of them and also another king Raja Bhairav Singh Family who frouble everyone around grab thier lands, murdering those who question them. Sardar Gabbar Singh gets diputed to Ratanpoor.. How he bring Raja Bhairav Singh actions to justice and saves Ratanpoor. How Ratanpoor Princess Harshi is Associated with these series of events and what is Sardaar Gabbar Singh relation with her are to be seen on silver screen.

Star Performance : Sardaar Gabbar Singh Has fattest cast than all Movies Released in 2016 put together. 80% screen time shared between Hero, Heroine, Villain… other than these three characters there is nothing much for others to do.Pawan Kalyan looked tired & dull on screen, His Dialogue delivery reminded the low profile characterized movies such as “Thammudu”, “Johnny”, But Gabbar singh is a powerful character and overall expected better show from powerstar. Kajal as princess of ratanpoor seized complete opportunity make big bang presence.

Her Atittude, attire, makeup, Costumer and every detail make you believe her as princess of kingdom. This is by far the most matured performance from kajal. Shrad Kelkar has an amazing antagonist charectarization and he did his best. From screen presence to dialogue delivery.. Faulty Storyline & Screenplay Combined with jumbled direction in second half made the role & performance, a passing cloud. Posani, Brahmanandam, Mukesh rishi, Pradeep Rawat and many more didn't have much to do.

Plus Points :
Art Direction
Production Values
Kajal As Princes
Mass Masala
Entertainment at Times

Minus Points :
Hero Characterization
Fat Cast & Crew But no Utilization
Raw Entertainment
Forceful Comedy
Story Line in Second Half
Screenplay in second half.

Rating : 3.5/5

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review

Watch Nagarjuna in Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Video Review - Casting Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishnan and Lavanya Tripathi, Directed by Kalyan Krishna, Produced by Nagarjuna and Ram Mohan P,Music by Anup Rubens.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

NBK Dictator Movie Review

NBK Dictator Movie Review
Nandamuri Balakrishna’s prestigious 99th film released today in a festive environment. Co-starring Anjali and Sonal Chauhan in the female lead, the movie is directed by Sriwass, produced by Sriwass and EROS International. Music is composed by SS Thaman. Let’s review the movie

Story: Dharma (Bala Krishna) lives with his in laws and works in Dharma Group of Companies. However his wife Dharma Khatyaini (Anjali) doesn’t live with Dharma. He meets an aspiring actress Indu (Sonal Chauhan). Indu is kidnapped by goons and Dharma comes to her rescue. After a series of incidents, Dharma’s original identity is revealed as Dictator. Why is Dictator living in disguise? Why is Khatyaini separated from Dictator? Watch the film in theatres to find out more.
Positive Points: Balakrishna’s energetic performance as Dharma and Dictator needs a mention. Anjali and Sonal Chauhan managed to deliver good performance. Sonal has added the glamour quotient to the film. 30Yrs Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and Prabhas Srinu entertained the audience.

Negative Points: The story is routine and predictable. Sriwass who focussed on the story in his earlier movies seems to have focussed on hero’s charecterization for Dictator.

Verdict: : The movie is a one time watch. Balakrishna fans will enjoy the film for this festive season.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

JR NTR Nannaku Prematho Movie Review

Nannaku Prematho Movie Review

The most-awaited film of the Sankranti season kicks off the race with a lot of promise and style. Director Sukumar has created a stunning and intelligent  story of what happens when a son  (NTR Jr) takes up the unfinished agenda of a father (Rajendra Prasad) lying on his death-bed who has been duped by a rival businessman (Jagapathi Babu) of his billions of networth and also his sense of identity

Story: The story is exactly a leaf out of films like “S/o Satyamurthy” where the son takes on the mantle of living his father’s dreams and values in action. But Sukumar thinks differently. He has the baggage of past experience in teaching mathematics and physics at Intermediate level and has already made some of the most intelligent films in Tollywood where the hero is a rare admixture of Captain Spock (left-brained) and Controlled Emotionalities. Like his previous films “Aarya”, “100% Love”, Sukumar weaves NTR Jr in a never-before role of Abhiram, the scion of a London businessman Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) , who  can read people’s minds, read the next moves of his opponents, pre-empt dangers lurking in the environment, pump-prime the stock prices of his own listed company and even have pre-meditated dates with the girl he desires (Rakul Preet Singh). The story moves with lightening speed once his father Rajendra Prasad’s bitterness and helplessness in taming Kautilya Krishna Murthy (Jagpathi Babu) surfaces as he was about to pop out. NTR swings into action and starts onslaught on the business empire of Kautilya until the cookie crumbles.

Direction:In more than 160 minutes, Sukumar takes you into a relentless parade of mind-games and mentalist feats of NTR Jr. with sometimes competing, sometimes winning tactics used against Jagapathi Babu in typical corporate warfare games. The only difference is, Sukumar uses his trademark style of no-frills, poker-face characterisation with concepts borrowed from the world of physics, mathematics and economics like “The Butterfly Effect” (The macrowave theory where a flutter of a butterfly in Kenya can create a tornado in America)   and “Unfulfilled emotions” (The Freudian basis theory which states all emotions which are suppressed actually lead to higher stress which lead to unintended consequences elsewhere). Sukumar embellishes the movie with some breathtaking scenes and stunts which are built upon these theories and sprinkles lot of high IQ stuff linking all emotions to the Butterfly effect, Electra Complex (the female equivalent of Oedipus complex), String theory and so on.

Technically, the film is brilliant and picture-perfect as it straddles the urban landscape of London and Spain with telling effects. It looks like the budget of the film takes off exactly where the last shooting of “1-Nenokkadine” left off in London bridge. But true to the theme of the film which is more about corporate warfare, the stock shots are more on the Canary Wharf zone, the financial district of London where the leading banks are headquartered and in La Banga, Spain. Stunts are few but distinctly different because they use the effect of the Volkswagon Car Engineering marvel Ad to create a ripple effect of polishing off the villains with the drop of a marble ball. The same concept is used in the beginning titles to introduce all the talent that went into the making of this film.

Lead actors: Performance-wise, NTR Jr. steals the show right from the first frame to the ending shot where he hugs his father in affectionate cries. Not since the movie “Munna” where Prabhas changed his hairstyle has an actor’s hairdo create such a hysterical fan-followership. With power dressing of immaculately tucked satin shirts, ties and a beard dovetailing with a hairstyle that looks like a hermit, NTR Jr looks every inch like a monk who rides a Ferrari. His million-dollar buck image is matched by exceptional dancing in all the songs with effortless ease and dialogue delivery that stands out with minimalism, for a change.

His confrontation scenes with Jagapathi Babu before interval, and in the climax are paisa vasool scenes that make you wolf-whistle. Rakul Preet Singh has a meatier role as Jagapathi Babu’s daughter and also emotes in one of the most touching scenes in the film. Rajendra Prasad has the same composure as always but his scenes should have got extended and much-layered. The Father-Son sentiment is a bit under-loaded and that’s where the film lacks soul in conveying the emotions which justify the title. Jagapathi Babu carries his role as the antagonist stylishly well – it gives a new cinematic high to have a villain who doesn’t bump off people for Telugu audience and this is perhaps his best film in the second innings.

Music and technical details:  Music by DSP is rocking and the songs are all well-picturised. The background score may lack the usual grace but it is not loud and hence does the job. Sukumar gives us a great film that has all the substance and style in making this a modern epic of intelligence squared between the hero and the villain. In many ways, it is a better film than the half-hearted attempt in “S/o Satyamurthy” (for films of that genre) and also far more comprehensive and clear in output than “1-Nenokkadine” but by making it too straightforward and super-intelligent, Sukumar erred on the side of giving some much-needed relief to the audience in the form of comedy or more emotions. The emotional outburst of the sons including NTR in the ending was too late, too little and the emotional scene between Madhubala and Rakul was evocative but ill-placed with no connection to the characterisation of Jagapathi Babu.

The Final Word : Sukumar has to tone down on the concepts borrowed from the sciences and mathematics and concentrate on story-telling. But we realise, a director becomes a puppet of his pet dreams and pet peeves  and Sukumar is no different here – he can play himself and not to the gallery. This makes “Naannaku Prematho” a typical Sukumar film but with exceptional clarity and brilliance of performances. It is definitely watchable and a decent film to kickstart the Sankranti season. It is a worthy 25th film to NTR’s catalogue of films but whether it will catch fire in the commercial sense remains to be seen.
Rating: 3/5
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Pre Review

Soggade Chinni Nayana is a family drama Telugu film featuring Nagarjuna in a dual role while Ramya Krishnan and Lavanya Tripathi would be seen as the female leads, directed by debutante director Kalyan Krishna and jointly produced by Nagarjuna and Ram Mohan P.

Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Pre Review

Jr NTR Nannaku Prematho Movie Pre Review

Watch Nannaku Prematho movie pre review. The film stars Jr NTR, Rakul Preet Singh and Jagapathi Babu in lead roles. Directed by Sukumar and produced by BVSN Prasad under Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner. Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad.Nannaku Prematho Movie Pre Review , Nannaku Prematho Movie Review , Nannaku Prematho Review


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sudheer Babu : Bhale Manchi Roju Review

Starring: Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa Gabbi, Saikumar
Director: Sriram Aditya T
Producer: Vijay, Sashi
Music Director: Sunny MR

Sudheer Babu’s latest film Bhale Manchi Roju is hitting the screens today. Touted to be a crime comedy, the movie marks the debut of director Sriram Aditya and the female lead Wamiqa Gabbi. With stars like Prabhas promoting BMR, it has garnered huge expectations. Let’s review the film.

Story: The whole plot of the movie takes place in a single day. Ram (Sudheer Babu) is a cab driver who plans to take revenge on his Maya (Dhanya), his ex girlfriend for dumping him. On the other hand, Shakti (Sai Kumar) accepts a deal to kidnap Seetha (Wamiqa Gabbi) for Rs 10 Crores but ends up kidnapping Ram’s friends. Shakti asks Ram to find Seetha in order to set his friends free. He joins hands with Yousuf (Venu) and Albert and successfully finds Seetha and father Paul (Posani). Will Ram set his friends free? Will he take revenge on his girlfriend Maya? Are Ram and Seetha destined to fall in love? forms the story

Positive Points: Sudheer Babu is a perfect star material and did an excellent job. Wamiqa Gabbi doesn’t seem like a new comer to the industry. She acted on par with the hero and is quite talented. Comedy sequences through out the film, especially between Venu and Albert is a laugh riot. Watch out for the interval block. The story’s plot is very strong and debutante Sriram Aditya has done a great job.

Negative Points: Slow pace during the first half leaves you wondering if you have made a wrong decision by opting BMR, but a little patience will prove it is a paisa wasool. Songs in the film played the spoilsport.

Verdict: Overall, the Bhale Manchi Roju is a fun ride with a breath of fresh air. Yet another short filmmaker has proved his potential at film making. Watch BMR at theatres near you and enjoy three hours of non stop entertainment.

Rating: 3.5/5
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gopichand Soukyam : Movie Review

 Rating : 2.5/5 Cast : Gopichand, Regina Cassandra Directed by : AS Ravikumar Chowdhary Produced by : V Anand Prasad Music : Anup Rubens Release Date : 24 December 2015

Actor Gopichand starrer action entertainer movie “Soukyam” directed by AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary has hit the theaters today. Actress Regina Cassandra is playing the female lead role. Let’s see the story line.

Story: Srinivasulu aka Seenu (Gopichand) is a jobless happy guy who falls in the love of Shailaja (Regina), while travelling in the train. Shailaja is the daughter of PR (Devan) who is the kingpin in Kolkata. Very soon Shailaja accept the proposal of Seenu but her family members kidnap her and fixed her marriage with the son of  Bavuji (Pradeep Rawat), a local don. Seenu’s father (Mukesh Rishi) who does not like fight, asked to his son to forget about her and get married to other girl he chooses. How will Seenu convince to his father? How will Sennu handle the tricky situation of  Bavuji  and Shailu's father PR? To get these answers one should watch the movie on silver screen.

 Plus Points:
    Presence of Gopichand
    Chemistry between Gopichand and Regina

Minus Points:

    Content less
    Story is predictable
    Second half dragged
Performance: Gopichand performed as routine in other movie and try to do justification with his role. His way of dialogue delivery, body languages, dance and performance are good. Regina Cassandra did not get much screen space. Her presence in the movie is negligible.  Her glamour became successful to drag the attention of audiences. The chemistry between Gopichand and Regina is decent on the screen. Pradeep Rawat who appeared in the role of buddies, looks like clone. The makers roped number of comedians in the movie but it did not work out. They became fail to give much laugh to audiences. In released trailer Prudhvi’s Baahubali spoof attracted the audiences but audiences did not get any good watchable scenes in the movie. Brahmanandam and Saptagiri’s comedy did not work out. The item song of Swetha Bharadwaj is the main asset of the movie. Sahukar Janaki performed well in her small role.

 Technical:   The music of the movie is scored by Anup Ruben which is not up to mark, in few scenes, it is very loud.  Only couple of the songs are melodious and songs are used as a path breaker that spoiled the taste of movie.  The editing is handled by Gautam Raju, which is worst, there are various unnecessary elements in the movie which increased only its run time. Editor can chop few scenes to make the movie better. Background music is very loud. Cinematography work is decent and production value is good.

Analysis: AS Ravi Kumar Chowdhary became fail to utilize the potential of Gopichand. He tried to entertain the audiences by using hilarious elements but it did not work out. Audiences did not get any entertainment ingredient in the movie. The story line of the movie is predicable. The weak story line, narration, screenplay and direction are the main drawback of the movie. This time once again Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan disappointed the audiences by providing his week scripts and dialogues. Overall movie is disaster which is not able to drag the attention of audiences throughout the movie.  The storyline of the movie is out dated. The emotional scenes and other necessary elevation scenes did not come out well and disappointed the audiences. The movie is content less, without entertainment and the climax is boring.
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Loafer Movie Review And Rating

Loafer Movie Review And Rating

Puri Jagannadh is here again to treat you with his third offering for the year, Loafer, while Varun Tej is venturing out to test the waters as a mass hero. Read the review to know if the duo has succeeded in delivering a promising film.
 Rating : 2.5/5
Loafer Story: The story revolves around a mother (Revathi) and a son (Varun Tej), who gets separated because of a greedy and selfish father (Posani) . Due to a poor upbringing, hero grows up to be a loafer, just like his dad, thinking his mother is dead. What happens when he finds out that his mother is alive and know the reality of his father? Will Revathi accept her son, who is now almost like her venal husband? This forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Varun Tej though was a little amateur in dances, he excelled in emotional scenes and his great ease in delivering Puri mark one-liners is a surprise. Loafer makes it a show reel for the actor to set up himself as the commercial hero in the industry. Disha Patni makes an impressive début and looked gorgeous throughout the film. Revathi stands out in a Puri mark characterization while Posani felt loud. Saptagiri, Ali and other notable comedians are wasted.

Technical Aspects: Like all the recent Puri Jagannadh films, Loafer also backs up a major complaint about its poor production values. However, cinematographer P G Vinda appears to have given his best in making the frames colorful. Puri Jagannadh once again proved that he is second to none when designing out of the box characters and penning catchy one-liners. Though the dosage of punch lines is less relatively, unexpected zingers here and there keeps you glued. Background music in some of the key scenes and 'Suvvi Suvvalamma' song by Sunil Kashyap will haunt you. On the down side, unwanted stress on comedy scenes, a couple of uninteresting songs and slow-paced first half and loud histrionics of the actors makes you feel stressful.

Overview: We can say it is a 'operation success, patient dead' kind of a product since Varun Tej managed to score well, while Puri Jagannadh disappoints you big time by going for a rush and delivering a poor quality output.
source by : filmibeat

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hate Story 3 Movie Review

Director: Vishal Pandya
Cast: Karan Singh Grover, Zareen Khan, Sharman Joshi and Daisy Shah
What do you get when you pair two lusting men with two women with liberal sexual views? Two hours of softcore. Only Hate Story 3 isn’t as relevant to modern society as the genre it aspires to be part of. The film is not only jaded, it’s downright pointless. Right down to the fact that, the characters compete with the screen writing for what’s more dumb.

It’s called Hate Story 3, so it’s only obvious that the story needs to be driven by loathing characters. So you have a wealthy industrialist called Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi) and his flawless wife Sia (Zarine Khan) who literally has the perfect life. His business is swinging, the media is feeding off the PDA doled out by his wife on to him and every employee in his office has pledged the kind of commitment we last saw with Mogambo and his ‘hailing’ henchmen. The conflict in the story arrives in the form of a mysterious new tycoon named Singhania (played by Karan Singh Grover) with an indecent proposal. He propositions Diwan with the idea that he’ll destroy Diwan’s empire if his wife doesn’t go to bed with him. There are times when Hate Story 3 is trying to be Baazigar (1993), then aspiring to be Race (2008) and even trying to be a Jism (2003). Sadly, it’s not even half as good as the average fluff it’s trying to emulate.

The only thing worth appreciating in the film is the fact that Zarine Khan’s character acts as the anchor and guide to the mercurial Aditya Diwan. While he keeps bursting into rage storms, she acts as the cool and calculated advisor who keeps bringing the guy back on track. Only they never ever get to do anything intelligent anyways. But it’s nice to see women take control in erotic thrillers. But it all counts for naught. Instead, you have wealthy millionaires with murder and revenge on their mind randomly dancing to erotic numbers in night clubs. Not once, not twice, but all the time. Want to hatch revenge plot against arch nemesis? Hit the dance floor. Dance music must have the ability to inspire diabolical thoughts. If that’s not all, you also have Batman And Robin style poison kisses and women cupping men during foreplay activities. Hate Story 3 is for sure an unintentionally funny erotic thriller.

 Even though Hate Story 2 wasn’t the best film ever made, it was a better effort by director Vishal Pandya. Here, he just ends up trying to sell you an erotic thriller, that’s at best a family squabble being settled with a lot of forced sex. The men are only coaxing the women to sleep with them. The women are only trying to find excuses to get into bed with the men. And once the copulation’s happened, they’re all out to kill each other. The screenplay is boring and uneventful. There’s no action, even the gun fight in the climax is just unimpressive. And sadly, it doesn’t allow actors like Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan and Karan Singh Grover to create any impact.

 Hate Story 3 is a small-budget thriller that’s designed with the specific idea of catering to the needs of its audience. With the right amount of oomph and risqué content, you can laugh all the way to the bank. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that those paying money won’t be as amused.
source by  : filmfare. com

Friday, November 27, 2015

Size Zero Movie Review

While the t-town is busy spangling praises for heroes, Anushka strikes again with a different avatar in Size Zero. Read the review to know if the lady Superstar continued her success streak.

Story : Size Zero is all about a fat girl, Sweety (Anushka) and the kind of oddness she faces in the society while her parents struggles to get her a perfect match. The film makes it a strong point to tell us that sizes and shapes have nothing to do with a girl's likes and desires. It showcases the day-to-day insults an obese girl faces in a society that stereotypes 'fat'. Can her appearance determine her dreams? What is it Sweety realizes in the run to get fit, forms the story. 

Performances: Anushka strikes the chord yet again. She has proved once more that she can make you love her in any damn avatar. The effort she has put in to get into the shoes of Sweety and understand her, indeed reflected on the screen as she has perfectly emoted the character. The inner turmoil, the character goes through was put out skilfully by the actress, keeping the innocence intact. Arya, Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj and Urvashi supported the story well.

Technical Aspects & Analysis: Art department of the film deserves a huge shout out as they are largely successful in setting up the mood of the film. Its a lot of food on the screen and you actually end up feeling heavily stuffed after awhile. The colors used reflects how girly Sweety is. However, Director Prakash Kovelamudi failed to make it an engaging film since it lacks the pace and a couple of songs were forcefully placed, which further spoiled the tempo of the film. Though the director opted an interesting line, he dragged it down to the ends bring many boring moments. Cinematography, music and production values were commendable.

Overview: Size Zero deals with an often overlooked issue with great sensibilities. Though it dawdled in establishing the emotional connect, Anushka easily makes you sit through with her cute traits. 
Rating: 3.0/5
source by : filmibeat


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